Lyman Orchards Wedding | Nicole + Chris

Loving these preview photos from Nicole & Chris’s Lyman Orchards wedding in Middlefield! The overcast day made for great photo capturing light. Big thanks to N&C and their bridal party for rolling with the wet weather & grass!

Some Lyman Orchards history: “In their wildest dreams, colonial farmer John Lyman and his wife, Hope, could not have envisioned the complex and diverse enterprise that would evolve from their purchase. The property was aquired in 1741 including a 37-acre parcel of land in what is now Middlefield. Now covering more than 1,100 acres of scenic farmland, Lyman is one of the most popular family attractions in New England.Through a history spanning ten generations, the Lyman family heritage was founded upon a commitment to preserve their land for future generations. The plan has been to use a combination of determination, innovation, and adaptation – attributes that hold true today.

Now in its 275th year, Lyman Orchards continues to evolve while maintaining its steadfast commitment to preserving the land for future generations. Today, members of the 8th and 9th generations of the family are directly involved in the business. Like their ancestors before them, preservation of the land remains central to their heritage. The family continues to be innovative in its ways of upholding their traditions. For generations, Lyman Orchards Golf Club has been one of Connecticut’s premier destinations for championship golf and beautiful views.
Today, you can enjoy those same views as your celebrate your wedding reception at Lyman Orchards Golf Club. This exclusive property offers dramatic views from the 4,000 square foot reception tent overlooking of 1,100 acres of apple orchards, farm land and championship golf.”