Shorehaven Golf Club Wedding | Christy + Jarrett

A few photos from the wedding of Christy and Jarrett. A beautiful Shorehaven Golf Club wedding in Norwalk, Connecticut!! I was honored to be a part of the special day and capture them both surrounded by friends and family. Congratulations to the bride and groom and a big thanks for having me as their photographer!

Some Shorehaven history: Shorehaven was incorporated in 1922 as the Shorehaven Leasing Company and on October 11, 1923 the certificate of incorporation was changed and the name Shorehaven Golf Club Incorporated was adopted for the 1924 season. A dedicated and enthusiastic group of local citizens was responsible for the creation of the club, among them, Philip N. Knapp, the club’s first president. Their principle interest was to bring a fine golf course to the Norwalk area.

The founders acquired about 150 acres now constituting the property, the bulk of which belonged to Woodbury C. Langdon, a wealthy resident of New York City who had acquired the land in the 1880s. Mr. Langdon had fallen in love with the beauty of the Norwalk shore area and built a summer home, carriage house and barn. The carriage house and barn became Shorehaven’s first clubhouse.

The original plans for the course were submitted to a number of golf course architects. In October 1923, the board of directors voted to select Robert White of Mount Vernon, N.Y. to build the course. By October of the following year, the course was ready for play, built at the cost of $43,000. Thousands of golfers since then have enjoyed the exquisite beauty of this golf course and we are sure you will too.